Sliding / French Doors

Be bold. Open up your home and in fill it with natural light with our UPVC French or Sliding Doors. See what an amazing difference it makes to the way you feel. Made with virtually maintenance-free materials and with highly secure locking systems and advanced glass toughened for your safety.

Our UPVC French/Sliding Doors are a popular choice for drawing light into your home. With aesthetically pleasing slim lines and a sculptured shape as well as a wide choice of colours and finishes, these doors can be designed to perfectly complement your home’s style. From a practical perspective they’re great for providing easy access to your decking or garden. Or what about French Doors to open up a bedroom to a beautiful panoramic view? We provide the most secure locking system and toughened glass as standard for your peace of mind, as well as exceptional levels of insulation to withstand the most harsh of winters. You can choose inwards or outwards opening French Door styles depending upon your space and all the finishing touches to perfectly match your architecture.

With a simple glide our graceful Sliding Doors you can open up your home. Configured to fit any home from a cosy terrace to your grand design. With up to four panes in the door itself, you can opt for an even more dramatic look by adding panes at the side.

Our Sliding Doors are:

Safe: Surpassing the requirements of Building Regulations and with every pane of glass toughened.

Secure: With anti-jacking technology, anti-bump, multi-hook locks and steel reinforced frames.

Sophisticated: Streamlined and smooth.Goldseal can also provide French and Sliding Patio Doors with aluminum frames. With these, each pane of glass can span up to 2m width, for a gorgeous panoramic view. Find out more….

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